Mini APP/Dapps

Dataverse is a web3.0 personal data space built on distributed storage and personal database technology. Similar to the access window of an Apple computer, it is your private folder system only accessible by the user.

Within the Dataverse personal space, there is an area for extensional dApps that are expected to enable users to explore the Dataverse's scalability and pluggability. Enjoy quick access to these applications without tedious procedures.

The scalability of the dApp ecosystem provides rich imagination. The team is still working on developing more user-friendly dApps while guaranteeing security and user rights.

Currently, Dataverse has integrated three dApps, which are Uniswap, Li.Fi, and Web3.Storage, allowing users to quickly swap tokens, achieve cross-chain functionalities, and enjoy interactive features with IPFS storage. More integrations are coming along to enrich such an ecosystem.

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