Dataverse -- A Web3 Folder System

DataToken -- A new decentralized data management and off-chain trusted computing middleware

Dataverse is a web3 folder system, committed to returning the data sovereignty and data utility to users.

Dataverse enables users to create their ownable personal spaces to aggregate Web2 & Web3 contents and control their social graphs in one place. Dataverse is responsible for storing users' interest preference data encrypted in a personal space with distributed storage and helps users explore content more easily.

The plugin is compatible with all applications on web2 and web3:

  • Users can curate all content on web3, including cross-platform and cross-chain NFT, mirror, poap.

  • Users can also curate content on web2, including YouTube videos, Twitter, Medium articles.

Dataverse's underlying data layer protocol is compatible with virtually all content data structures, making it extremely scalable for data storage.

Develop with unbridled enthusiasm and hope for a miracle

In the metaverse personal space created via Dataverse, users possess the ownership of any data including web3 assets, content, preferences, user profiles, and more, and users have full customizable access to their own data. Dataverse can be used as a folder system on web3, allowing users to sort, organize, and schedule all the content on the Internet as they would on their personal computers with free sorting and moving.

On top of these basic functions, Dataverse will provide users with extended programs within their personal space, such as games, dress-up, social applications, data streams, etc., and even provide customized space APP stores; users can choose to invite developers to customize their personal space based on their behavioural portraits.

DataToken implements a new decentralized data management and off-chain trusted computing middleware.

It uses the trusted nature of blockchain to return data ownership to users while maintaining computability and traceability of the data. Data assets can be defined once but sold multiple times for private computation. Datatoken provides asset templates for data owners to define how to compute their data. For the data owners, they have full control of the data and are able to choose to tokenize it rather than relinquish the data ownership.

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