WAGMI Treasure Hunter

🕰 Time: 29/1/2022 - 9/2/2022

As the Chinese Spring Festival comes,Ownership Labs and SeeDAO, TingDAO, Breaking Panda, Soully World, TooRichCity, have collaborated to give all crypto lovers a surprise — 🐯WAGMI Treasure Hunt on Opensea. Let’s connect happiness of the new year in the NFT metaverse.

🎖 Hunting Rules:

  1. You need to collect 5 type of tigers on Opensea, each with a single word ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘G’, ‘M’ and ‘I’;

  2. You can only collect 7 tigers per day. You may get several tigers but with the same type.

  3. You will be rewarded only when you collect all the 5 types of tigers. The ranking is calculated based on the time you finish the task.

🗺 How to participate in:

  1. Download the Dataverse extension at Chrome store. It is used to create your personal identity and data space;

  2. Go to Opensea and browse any NFT, and right-click the website to open the SaveNFT menu;

  3. Once the NFT is saved to your space, a tiger may pop up in the website with a certain prob (not 100%)

🎉Result Release:

As of the evening of the 9th, WAGMI officially ended with 1287 players participating in our treasure hunt during the Chinese New Year, accumulating over 15,000 NFT collections --

🧧 Rewards:

Users who have collected 5 tigers, will get new year gift according to their ranking. Our partners also prepared exciting reward for you!

  1. Ownershi Labs: will give Dataverse Family NFTs to the top 500 players. The top 50 players will also be rewarded with red pocket with 66 usdt. ‘WAGMI’ and ‘Tiger Hunter’ will light up in the Loop personal page once complete the task.

  2. SeeDAO: will give the top 500 players a special POAP badge as reward.

  3. TingDAO: will give 30 free trials for Ting Museum, and special POAP badges to the top 500 players.

  4. TooRichCity: will share 5 China Cigarettes NFT, which is already listed on Opensea.

  5. Soully World: will give the NFT whitelists to the top 100 players.

  6. Breaking Panda: will give the NFT whitelists to the top 100 players.

details as follows ↓

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