NFT.NYC 2022

🕰: June 21-23, 2022

NFT.NYC is the leading annual conference for NFT and has been committed to giving a voice to the ever-growing NFT community. In the summer of 2022, Dataverse, as one of the sponsors, participates into this grand event.

For this conference, Dataverse collaborates with Web3 artists from Tezos, GameFi projects on Formless, and various APAC eminent projects to create an online NFT exhibition feast.


Tezos art gallery:

More than 50 outstanding NFT artists from Tezos will bring you a new visual feast. Dataverse will create an art exhibition that transcends the real dimension, hopefully leading you to perceive the invisible reality in the void.

Formless Gamefi gallery:

Those spaces full of imagination are not only for fun but also for aesthetic values. Follow in the footsteps of these gamefi projects and explore the ninth art on chain. Listen with us to the mysteries that these designs speak for.

Innovation Workshop:

Here are innovative projects from around the globe, some of which are building the web3 infrastructure and introducing new NFT gameplay. Parts of these projects already have vibrant communities that are growing, while others are just starting to truly explore the world of NFT. Keep an eye on them, and may you find the next blue-chip NFT.


  1. On-site users at the event took a picture with exhibitions they like and then get our related gifts.

  2. Enter the Dataverse space and complete the corresponding tasks to earn Dataverse's exclusive badge.

  3. Share official tweets to the discord community, and get OG roles depending on the number of likes collected from community members.

🧧Exclusive Badge:

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