Web3.0 personal data encryption space

What is Dataverse?

On the traditional Internet, user data leaks are notorious while common with limited approaches to effectively protect both data ownership and user privacy. Dataverse is designed to be a Web 3.0 folder system for users, allowing users to take full ownership of their data and guarantee their privacy with the Dataverse plugin.
As personal data space, with the information aggregation of the plugin, Dataverse provides users with private folders on Web 3.0.
Users can apply the plugin for NFT collection and classification on major NFT markets and from over 30 public chains, Video curation, and articles curation, and to follow NFT creators and KOLs. The collection can be categorized and curated in the personal space and shared with unique DIDs.


DID stands for Decentralized Identifier.
The three components of DID
Differing from the traditional account system, Web3 DID functions as a new identity system that embeds the attributes of value exchange and transfer, and is the basis for the realization of web3 native application technology, with advantages that traditional Internet account systems cannot match:
1、Identity system based on the chain can ensure user information to be tamper-resistant with a natural basis of trust.
2、The universality of data can be called and read in different Dapps, ensuring user identities to pass freely on the blockchain without registering multiple identity roles repeatedly.
The authorization allows the wallet account to read the identity information and automatically generates the user's personal DID, which does not involve user's assets on the asset layer during the use of Dataverse plugin.

Dataverse Plugin

By installing the Dataverse Google plugin, you can curate all kinds of Metaverse assets and Internet data into your personal Dataverse space.
Metaverse assets:including but not limited to NFT, Mirror articles, social graphs on chains like Ether, Polygon, BSC, Solana, etc.
Internet data:like websites, YouTube, beep videos, etc.
The plugin currently supports platforms including Opensea Rarible, Superare, Foundation, Zora, Async Art, Nifty Gateway, Knownorigin, Makersplace, TOFU NFT, viv3, magiceden, objkt, kalamint, Azuki, Treasureland, NFTGO, Art blocks, GEM, Lookware, etc. More NFT trading marketplaces and NFT assets are expected to be compatible in the future.
Currently, the Dataverse plugin has integrated browsers including Google, Edge, Brave, Firefox, offering more options compatible with users' preferences.

To install: