Shanghai Blockchain Week 2021

Event Review | Shanghai Blockchain Week Event Wraps Up Successfully

🕰 Time: 11/1/2021

2021 Shanghai Metaverse Week, organized by NFT4Metaverse, is a feast of ideas and art collision for NFT lovers, and Dataverse is proud to be its Legendary Partner, providing professional collection storage solutions for the MOCA online exhibition.

Dataverse also held a successful NFT curation offline event. The event included a Dataverse pop-up store, NFT blind box stickers, curation map, and triangle table, during which the Dataverse team introduced the product and vision, and users could use the Dataverse plug-in to collect on all major NFT platforms, and then curate and share the event in their personal space.

SDK Dataverse Integrates SDK for Shanghai Metaverse Week - MOCA Show

🕰 Time: 23/10/2021

Shanghai Metaverse Week officially opened on October 22nd. In this event, Dataverse provides a professional collection storage solution for the MOCA online exhibition, allowing users to make NFT collections on any webpage through an integrated SDK.

Anyone who liked the works at the MOCA exhibition ( can simply click the "❤️" in the upper right corner of the work to collect NFT to Dataverse personal space with one click.

details as follows ↓

Event Preview

🕓 Time:21/10/2021

Dataverse Friends·Shanghai 1024

On Oct 23, we plan to hold a party for both new and old friends in Shanghai, during which, we will be giving an introduction about our proud product Dataverse, along with its function of curation, NFTs, and interest graphs.

Part I:Game

|NFT sticker blind box

|Curation map

Part II: Dataverse Triangle Table

|Prepared Topics: 1) The rise of NFT investment in the post-VC era 2) What are our personal assets in social media? 3)The relationship between NFT and data

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