Team Background

The OwnershipLabs team focuses on maintaining user data sovereignty, building an encrypted personal space for web3 dwellers, and exploring the web3 data economy system.

About us

The Ownership Labs team started at the 2020 Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon and won the hackathon with the Datatoken project, followed by the 2021 Filecoin Frontier Acceleration Camp, which successfully concluded with excellent results and gained the attention of eminent projects and capitals.

After Filecoin's acceleration camp, Ownership Labs began its first round of funding and obtain financing from five investment capitals including Protocol Labs, Continue Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Longhash, SNZ and others.

Dataverse‘s underlying system is built on Ceramic network and has made a relatively influential contribution to the construction and development of the Ceramic ecosystem. Meanwhile, Ownership Labs and Ceramic maintain a strong strategic partnership.

After the launch of the Dataverse version one, it once won the first place in the Gitcoin Grants11 NFT track donation list and sixth place on the whole track, while achieving the same excellent performance in Gitcoin Grants12. Hence, Ownership Labs was successfully selected into the official Kernel Fellowship held by Gitcoin.


  • The team started at the 2020 Wanxiang Hackathon by winning the championship.

  • Successfully selected for the 2021 Filecoin Acceleration Camp and graduated with distinction.

  • Completed the first round of equity funding with investments from five capitals including Protocol Labs, Continue Capital, Fenbushi Capital, LongHash Ventures, SNZ

  • Participated in Gitcoin Grants 11, which was ranked #1 on the NFT tracklist and #6 on the all-time list, followed by Gitcoin Grants 12, which was also ranked top on the contributor list.

  • Sponsored and participated in the annual Wanxiang Blockchain Conference, as well as sponsored and co-organized the Metaverse Culture Week, during which, the Dataverse SDK was applied for the first time in the Metaverse Culture Week.

  • Held Time Machine event during New Year's Eve 2021-2022, attracting nearly 2,000 participants.

  • During Chinese New Year 2022, Ownership Labs co-hosted the WAGMI tiger collection event with five NFT projects, and over 1,200 users completed 15,000+ collections on Opensea via the Dataverse plugin

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