Gitcoin Hackathon Contribution Campaign

In two rounds of Gitcoin Campaigns, Dataverse received contributions from 7,000 participants in GR11 and 8,000 in GR12. Details are as follows↓.

GR11 Hackathon Donation Campaign - A Splendid Result

πŸ•° Time: 23/9/2021

Gitcoin's 11th online hackathon donation campaign (GR11 for short) ended on September 23, 2021. Out of a total of 1,886 recommended projects in the GR11, Dataverse ranked fifth in the world in terms of the total fundraising among all tracks and first in the world in terms of the total fundraising for the NFT track.

For NFT professional collectors, NFT project KOLs, profiteers and other users, efficient and fast experiences and features demonstrated by Dataverse would definitely become an indispensable tool for NFT players.

GR12 GR12 Hackathon Contribution Campaign β€” Surmounted Our Limit

πŸ•° Time: 16/12/2021

Dataverse advanced to the final four in the "Vote for the GR12 project that deserves to win the GTC nounsbot NFT" in partnership with nounsdao & gitcoin.

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