Shackled Web2 Era

We are now living in an era where data is monitored all the time while isolated everywhere.
Web2 has brought great convenience of data and information, making the Internet seemingly democratized, allowing users to communicate, create and share freely, while, indeed, centralized corporations control public opinion with impunity, monitor and influence people's behaviour, and deprave most of the value created by Internet users.
Click, and then be arbitrarily stolen
We have left nothing to hide on web2.
Internet corporations have made a great fortune by building platforms to collect and analyze personal information, taking advantage of the information production characteristics of zero marginal cost and network externalities. People's lives are becoming more digital, and a large number of their productive lives depend on the Internet, which also brings countless personal data.
In order to construct their own sticky user base, Web2 monopolies store user data in separate databases, constituting a data silo, leaving no ownership of users' data.

Data Silos & Loss of Ownership

This Web2 status quo has caused many problems:
  • Poor interoperability. The data between data silos do not circulate to each other, leading to poor interoperability and lack of efficiency in terms of data value utilization.
  • Web2 companies do not have perfect mechanisms to protect user data, and privacy leaks have notoriously become the norm.
  • Numerous improper data transactions exist in the grey area, threatening the security and normal production.
In addition, the most significant thing is that, under the Internet system, users do not possess ownership of their own data.
Monopolistic enterprises take all the profits generated from it, and also apply these personal data for continuous revenue, undesirably creating the situation where we pay for our own privacy.

Become the "Robinhood" for Meta-Dwellers

Everything is just for justice
We are ambitious to protect the data sovereignty of Internet users, build a secure private space for Internet dwellers, break the oppression and isolation of users by traditional Internet companies, and let users have the real right to decide on their own interests.
Within the space created via Ownership Labs, data scientists and users live together in harmony, the value of user data is maximized, and the value generated by the data is rationally distributed.

Web3:Weapons and Noah's Ark

  • Web3: Its concept of openness, privacy and sharing breaks the monopoly gains of traditional Internet and can return the data ownership to users themselves.
  • Blockchain: Its decentralized and anonymous nature can effectively eliminate the existence of data silos. The emergence of IPFS, Arwave and other infrastructures allows data to be stored in a distributed manner on web3. Ceramic, the unified data flow protocol, can realize the universality of data under Web3, and all kinds of data formats can be stored and processed in an identical way.
  • DID&NFT: Users' DIDs are bound to personal data. Users can apply the same DID to participate in all web3 applications; NFT is an asset that represents the owner's social identity, and the interoperability of NFT makes it available as the user's did identity. All assets and information of users are interoperable in all cross-chain applications, and NFT anchors the ownership of user data in the basic structure, which greatly enhances the value of user data ownership.

Yes, We Did It.

Based on Web3 technology, users can bind their assets and contents in certain approaches and will need a personal computer-like folder to operate data content management.
We can provide users with such an encrypted data space:
  • Personalized Management: Users can manage assets and content within the space and ensure ownership is their own, without concerning private data leakage.
  • Utilize the Data Sovereignty Value: On the basis of safeguarding data sovereignty, the value of user data is brought into play, and the relationship and value distribution between users and data scientists are balanced.
  • Professional Solutions: We provide reasonable data asset templates and design appropriate data valuation methods.
  • Data Trading Channel: We will build a secure decentralized data trading marketplace that liberates data scientists over the globe, so they can participate as individuals in data analysis and value discovery.
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